vince mascoli

Vince is from Portland, Oregon.

He enjoys animated movies, comics, & talking about paleontology and evolution. He is obsessed with the video games Destiny, Overwatch, & Diablo III.

Currently he is playing Horizon Zero Dawn and will probably talk your ear off about it.

His current goal is to become technical support for a design or development agency, helping to keep their staff members up and running.

One day, he would like to apply his animation and tech backgrounds to become the head of IT for an animation company.

soft skills

I am action oriented, having to resolve issues with a diverse group of people in a timely-manner, while also making highly technical matters easy for the layperson to understand.

I am a fast learner, able to adapt to new situations quickly and expertly.

tech skills

I am an Apple Certified Mac Technician. I am certified to perform software and hardware repairs on both Macs and iOS devices. I can code in HTML/CSS, use the preprocessor language Sass, and use Bash command line.

I have close to a decade of experience supporting Macs including hardware and deployment support for Apple's corporate and enterprise customers.

learning experiences

self taught

I taught myself to use HTML/CSS, Sass, and Bash. I am familiar with Git. I am an Adobe After Effects expert. I use tools around the web to research topics of interest to me.

learning goals

My current learning goals are to expand my coding knowledge to better serve the users I support.

I'm currently learning JavaScript, jQuery, and Ruby.

formal training

I graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in Animation in 2009. I was certified in Apple product triage and repair in 2013.

work experience

  • Genius, Apple Pioneer Place - 2013-present
  • Technical Specialist, Apple Pioneer Place/King of Prussia - 2010-2013
  • Specialist, Apple King of Prussia - 2009-2010
  • Lab Technician, UArts Media Arts Equipment Room - 2005-2009


dear dad, love maria

My senior thesis animated film about a transwoman writing a letter to her disapproving father the night before her reassignment surgery.

Dear Dad, Love Maria has been shown in five countries at various film festivals and has won awards such as Best Animation from the Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival in 2009 where it was also nominated for the Iris Prize.

sandy fishnets

After my thesis was finished, the artists who graciously allowed me to use their song asked me to make the official music video for it.

Sandy Fishnets is a story of a young girl told by conjoined twin sisters, both named Evelyn. The band Evelyn Evelyn released this video in 2011.

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